Science Cargo at a Glance

It’s the end of August, 2016 — also known as WinFly Season in Antarctica. I’ve been terrible at updating this site regularly, so here’s the quick update for starters: Bev and I are back in McMurdo Station for another (partial) trip around the sun! We’re both back in the same positions as last season, with the exception that I got an additional short contract to deploy for the WinFly season (my position in Science Cargo only exists during the Mainbody Season, from October to February).

As usual, I’ll be trying to post photos and stories throughout the season on this site (I have A LOT to catch up on), so keep an eye out for new posts. I’ll keep this post short, since the main reason for posting was to share a short video of clips that I put together over the summer. These are all short timelapse clips from last season (Mainbody 2015-2016), showing some of the different tasks and aspects of working in Science Cargo at McMurdo Station.

Hope you enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Science Cargo at a Glance

    1. Only in the last two shots (the small green military forklift); I drive the big yellow CAT loader regularly, but the footage is all of other drivers. I’m the one in the red (USC) beanie on the first part, then I’m wearing suspenders in the freezer moving ice-cores, then the one in the X-mas hat directing the fork lift for Cargo Tetris 😀

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