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Welcome to Carpe Cervisiam! If you’ve reached this page, it’s because you know that Bev and I are spending time working and living in ANTARCTICA!! Though I am not much of a blog writer, I like to consider myself a story-teller, and this is my attempt at maintaining a semi-regular record of our time spent in this wonderful continent, or as I like to call it, the Chronicles of an Antarctic Adventure! Keep your eye out for updates, awesome pictures (we upgraded to a fabulous Canon EOS 70D SLR camera to bring you the best that this continent has to offer!), perhaps videos, and lots of stories of our time here!  Most of all, keep warm, enjoy, and Carpe Cervisiam!


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6 thoughts on “About This Site

  1. Thanks Abe, I am already looking forward to see the wonderful pictures and read the most interesting and educational stories that you are willing to share with us.
    Love, Mom

      1. Abraham,

        My name is Harry Couper and I am writing a book about my sailing experiences in Australia. While sailing from Appollo Bay to Portland in Victoria I witnessed the sighting of the Portland Lighthouse well before it was in true optical range. On discussing this with the weather blokes in Portland they indicated that an inversion layer was the reason. I request permission to use your diagram of an inversion layer to explain to the readers what happened.
        thank you
        Harry Couper

      2. Harry — Thanks for writing in! While the majority of the pictures used on this site are my own, the diagrams I used for the Fata Morgana article were all taken from other sites under creative commons attribution. As such, I can’t personally grant permission for their use, but I doubt any of the diagrams are actually copyrighted material. The sources for all images are listed in the caption, and also hyperlinked to the image itself. Note that the true source may be different from my own source. I hope this is a helpful response!

        ~ Abe

  2. Great site! Have always wondered what life was like down there. But I’ll cut to the chase–I was searching for plans for a human hamster wheel–that’s how I found you. Is there anyway you could get me plans or put me in touch with the person who built the wheel? I need to build one for our scout troop. . .

    1. John, I apologize I didn’t see your message before. I took a long hiatus from updating this site when I returned to the US. If you are still looking to build a hamster wheel, I will ask the carpenters on station about it when I return to McMurdo next month.

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